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Standby Generators

A home standby generator system can help your family stay comfortably at home in the event of a utility power outage.   Caton Electric offers a complete line of Briggs & Stratton home standby generator systems.  Each generator system is custom designed based on your unique power needs.  We offer whole house generator systems or systems that will power only specific circuits. 
Standby generators are fueled by either a natural gas connection or propane.  When they detect a power outage, they automatically come on and transfer over to generator power within seconds of utility failure.  When utility power is restored, the generator system detects the presence of utility power and shuts itself off.
Generator power can keep the heat on when it is cold outside.  It can keep the air conditioning on when it is hot outside.  It can keep your refrigerator and/or freezers running when the power is out, and basically allow you to continue daily life and routines when the utility power fails.
If you are considering a home standby generator system, let us do an estimate for you today.  System designs and estimates are free. 
We service what we sell.  Our factory trained and certified technicians offer professional installation and complete maintenance and repair services.  We register each unit upon installation and we will handle the claims if warranty work ever becomes necessary.
Scheduled Maintenance Service for your automatic standby generator system:
Your standby generator should have a full maintenance service completed at least once per year and an inspection of all components twice per year.  Our one year maintenance agreement includes an oil change (oil and filter included), new air filter, new spark plugs and a complete inspection of all items listed on our preventative maintenance checklist.  A one year agreement also includes a second inspection to be completed approximately 6 months after the oil change is completed.  We maintain your service records and help you stay updated as to when and what service is due.  We also service a variety of brands.  Call us about pricing for our maintenance services.
Why Standby?
  • Standby generator power is available within seconds of a power outage.

  • It switches to generator power automatically once an outage is detected, keeping you from having to get out in the weather to manually connect your generator.  No cords and no fuel cans to handle.

  • A standby unit has a constant connection to fuel source (natural gas or propane) allowing your generator to run for extended periods of time.

  • Standby units are programmed to self-test each week to ensure that they are ready to run in the event of an outage.  The generator has a display that can alert homewoner if it needs attention.

  • A standby generator system can manage its load to make sure that it doesn't overload itself.


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